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I have been passionate about photography for almost 20 years. I started out as photo editor of my High School yearbook and have been taking pictures ever since.

I am a member of Professional Photographer s of Indiana (PPI) and Professional Photographer s of America (PPA). My membership in both of these organizations has increased my photography knowledge immensely. This membership also helps to stay on the cutting edge of all the latest wedding and portrait technology and techniques. I have received awards for excellence in photography competitions from PPI and received, amongst others, a best of show ribbon for my competitive work at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.

I have a photojournalistic approach and love to capture natural, spontaneous moments. It's often the shots that happen "between" the traditional poses that really capture a person's true spirit. Those are the shots that tell the story. Those are the shots that make me passionate about wedding and portrait photography.

The first time I shot a wedding I knew that photography was what I am supposed to be doing. What a joy it is to participate in such a happy moment in a couple's life. What an amazing honor to be charged with preserving that special wedding day.

I appreciate your time and the opportunity to share my work. We are located just east of Indianapolis in Greenfield, IN. Please choose us be your Indianapolis area photographer.


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Proud Member of
Member, Professional Photographers of America and