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Maternity portraits are best taken during the seventh and eighth month. This is when the belly bump is prominent, but before mom starts to get ultra-uncomfortable.

We'll try a few different outfits, but simple clothes are best. Solid, neutral colors always look nice. Black and White is a favorite for Maternity images. If you want to show off your bare belly, it is good to bring a shirt that opens in the front, or something like a tank top or camisole that can be pulled up over your belly. One of dads dress shirts always looks nice. We have plenty of fabric for draping if you decide to go au natural.

It's also nice to bring a few items you have for baby, little booties, a hat, something with babies name.


Newborn portraits should be taken as soon as possible after the baby is born. They grow so fast at this stage that every day counts! We'll talk about your due date and make sure we have some flexible time set aside to get you in as soon as possible after baby comes.

We will have a few hats, ribbons etc., but feel free to bring any special items you'd like to use.

We will do a few shots with baby in mom and \ or dad's arms. The focus will be on the baby, but you might want to wear or bring a long sleeved, dark colored shirt for these shots and be sure you nails are clean and free of old polish.

Beyond newborn bring plenty of outfits and we'll get through as many as baby is up for. It is good to have a least one classic, simple, neutral colored outfit that will stand the "test of time." Bring as many Tutu's, hats, special toys as you'd like. If dad and / or siblings want to come along we will include them in a few images. You can also bring any special toys, things with the babies name on them etc. if you would like.


Three months - Or when baby is holding their head up well.

Six months - or when baby is sitting fairly well.

Nine months - or when baby is standing with some assistance (holding on to a chair etc.)

One Year - sometime a few weeks before or after their birthday. We'll even give them cake if that's ok with Mom and Dad.


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